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Originally Posted by shine2000 View Post
i noticed that on my wheel there is 1 spoke that is loose compare to the other is on the left side of the hub or wheel also but i also know that if you tighten it or loosen it you have to do the other side would i go on about this?
It depends on why the spoke is loose.

If the rim is offset away from the spoke you need to tighten it until the wheel is straight because it didn't have enough tension to keep the nipple from unscrewing when it passed the bottom of the wheel and unloaded. If its neighbors on the same side are tight you need to loosen them and tighten it more. If all the spokes on that side are the same tension they all must be tighter, with the opposite side tight enough to keep the rim centered.

If the rim is offset towards the spoke you need to tighten it and loosen the neighbors on both sides because the rim is bent. If tension would be too high you'll need to loosen the spokes and bend the rim back.

You're aiming for a true wheel with uniform tension within each wheel side, but need to compromise a bit on tension and/or radial true because of slight bends and a possible stiff spot at the rim joint.

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