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It's been a while. Though I have been riding.
With power meter prices dropping, I added a drive-side PM to my road bike. Now running dual I get access to some additional and interesting numbers.
The good news is that my left/right legs are pretty evenly matched for output.
The bad news it that I don't know how to pedal a bike.
When operating at low wattage's, I am not lifting the trailing leg. The forward leg is not only having to push the bike forward, but also lift the weight of the trailing leg.
This is displayed as a low efficiency and both legs are to blame.
My pedaling efficiency does increase as I increase the watts.
I'm working to improve my pedaling technique on the flats.

Talking about watts, I'm at 880 miles YTD with 340 of those being on the Kickr. I see the indoor/outdoor mix swinging the other way as the hotter weather forces me to hide inside.
I found that Strava Premium has an FTP estimation function. I seem to be rising at ~10watts per month. I'm sure that will plateau as the year goes on, but I'll take the easy increases while I can get them.

Kickr bike it still flawless. No creaking. I wish I could say the same for the software I've tried.
FulGaz is still my software of choice. But being interested in cycling virtually with other people, I tried a couple of other options.
I had various issues, mixed levels of support, and finally gave up.
FulGaz still gets my vote for reliability and full integration with the Kickr bike.

The whole Corona thing has impacted availability of internet bandwidth for many services and applications.
FulGaz appears to not be immune to this issue, and downloads can be slow.
If I relied on being able to stream the rides in real-time I think my impressions would be different.
I however stopped streaming & storing rides on my Apple TV 4K 64Gb some time ago due to lack of space. Yes - I have a lot-o-rides stored.
I started saving the rides to my PC and Streaming them to the Apple TV using Microsoft IIS. The result is a prefect ride that does not rely on internet bandwidth.
I just download the ride overnight before I need it. Ride storage is now only limited by the size of my PC drive...and PC drives are cheap.

The other benefit, my downloads don't goof with Mrs. using online meetings and working remotely.
Remember... aint Mommy happy, aint nobody happy !!!

I'm off out on my bike...

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