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Originally Posted by corkyflad View Post
I think my LBS would not like folks to post links to In all seriousness though, this is a really interesting/eyeopening tool. As a 6'3" tall lanky guy, one of my many known racing problems that I have is getting my head / torso combo out of the wind effectively. I just never knew how much of a difference in MPH riding in the drops vs. on the hoods makes. This calculator clearly shows that instead of bike upgrades, I need to get to working on my position on the bike.

Is there any other advice and/or websites someone could recommend for getting someones body into a more aero in the drop position, other than getting forearms parallel to the ground / elbows 90 degrees, flatten the back as much as possible, and to relax the shoulders?
Take a fit while pedaling video and post it to Slowtwitch forums. Needs to be good light from the side view.

I'll say, to get comfy at it fit is the first part. The second part is spending hours riding like that at tempo and SS or doing your intervals in it. I see so many people ride totally upright all the time to train and ride solo. Then can't get down when they have to hammer for longer than a couple minutes.

I'll often ride a whole hour or two hour tempo/SS ride in machine gunner hoods position.

Bikecalculator is super basic, Chung method and best bike split or aeroweenie calculators are better.
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