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They seem to be in short supply

Originally Posted by kirby999 View Post
Some more info to add to my review of my Electra Fat Tire 7d .
I road her to town this morning. Getting past the two big hills wasnít any problem, just drop down to first gear as I neared the top and crawled right over the top of the first one then second gear down a short section, a sharp left and Iím into another long sloping hill . This one I was into crawling gear early , but it was like putting the bike in four wheel drive.
Once out itís mostly rolling hills around town except for one coming out from the town pond . But in first gear I just crept right up it . 7.5 miles total .

Oh I stopped once , for about two minutes to snap a picture at the town pond .
Very nice. I would love to have one.
I tried to find a Electra Lux Fat Tire 7D and they are not available around here in central Florida and I am not sure i was able to find one anywhere. Any reason they might be in short supply?
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