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CX, I wish I had that frame...
John Talen signed his first professional contract with Panasonic (the best team in the world at the time) in autumn 1986 after winning 2 medals at the World Championship in Colorado Springs. He was great on the road, especially in time trial... But to make sure he doesn't get bored in autumn and winter he got a great cx bike - this is the bike... The cool thing is that it was built from the beginning to the cross; like all unusual EMC frames it has the markings stamped on the steering tube (like the early Professional, Criterium and R753). The markings on the card should mean it: BEM - painting pattern (identically painted Pistas of 1985 has a mark... BEM - now we all know that it means Blue EM in 1985 and 1986 ) ; M95 - this is where the pattern of stickers used was usually placed - I have not seen such a code before. Unusual element in the frame is brake bridge, this pattern was used only in Pro, Corsa Extra and Criterium models (from the beginning of 1986 to mid 1987), I haven't seen it in any frame made of Columbus SL/SP or R531 (except Pista). Nice piece of story - if you don't need it you can easily find me ...such "security plates" you can find on the frame from that period - I have a serious suspicion that they were installed mainly in "profiframe"...
Z8060 - this is Corsa from 1986, team Kelme used "white camo" only in 1984 season (at that time there was no Corsa model yet). This should be ver.1 with "lugs with cut-outs" - a rather rare thing. fast and as much as possible
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