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What does it matter what they use? Everyone's anatomy is different, so what work for Lance Armstrong, might not work for you.
So, according to you Kev, recommendations in this area are of no use because anotomically we are not the same. This suggests that we have two choices: 1-to go to the rare LBS that allows a trial period with a return policy, and test various saddles, or 2-to spend somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100 and hope for the best.

The problem with this is that most LBS will not allow for #1. By the time you have broken a saddle in to find out whether it works for you, the LBS does not want it back for the simple reason that you as customer will not want to pay new price for someone else's used saddle.

As well the price people are paying for saddles is what we used to pay for complete bikes, it is natural to do some research before buying.

If a riding companion purchases any new component I usually ask him or her how they find it, and that advice will influence my next purchase. Of course, I do allow for the fact that they are different physically, and also may want to defend their expenditure.

The bottom line is advice is advice, some is useful and some is not. The kind that is not is the kind that says that no advice is pertinent since we all are different. Actually, we are much more the same in anatomy than we are different anyway.

On a more positive note: Are any of the pros using Brooks or other leather saddles, or does the weight penalty discount them? I understand that some use clincher tyres in Paris-Roubaix, so I was wonderig if they may use a more forgiving saddle as well. Thanks.
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