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Hello guys,
talking about the CX merckx i finally found what i was looking for: someone (styggno) with the same merckx i have here for quite some time.
Got this frame in a very bad condition with several bad paintjobs on it but after some scratching it turned out to be a merckx with cantis.
Now thinking of getting it into new life with a new paint that restores the old look, i had to find out what it was looking in first place.
Whats a little different to yours styggno is the fact that the cable stops on the top tube are missing. You said yours were broken? Were they missing or just broken?
Looking at the serial number it seems like its completely different to yours? Any idea on this?

Btw can't really tell what the original color was. Scratching through the layers starting at some spraycan mettalic blue to white to yellow to some red. But the red is only at some certain parts.

Left side

Right side

(Cant upload any pictures - dont know why :/)


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