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Originally Posted by styggno1 View Post
Mine also has a "D" on the fork tube:

This type of Columbus tubing sticker (mine and on the frame below) does not say if it is Columbus SL or SP. Depending on size of frame and builder - SP was used for larger frames. As my frame is 60 cm c/c one can expect it to be SP.

Here is the only other picture I have found of a EM CX frame of this era (80ies). It has a straight tube rear brake bridge. Look at my frame above and tell us what kind yours have - please?
Mine is only 56 cm c/c so it's more likely so be a SL?
What kind of sticker is this? Im just asking because of the restauration.

The brake bridge is exactly the same like yours. Almost everything looks identical except for the top tube. Maybe someone removed the cable stops? But It's looks almost too clean underneath the paint for the removal theory.
Fitting to the cleaness of the frame itself it has no mounting for shifters or the front derrailleur, only the weird little ones on the steering tube.
Only some more posts and i can show you pictures which makes everything easier (especially for my bad english )
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