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You're likely not going to do a ton better with tires on the current bike. 2mm is already flying pretty close to the sun on clearance, and GP4000 are already a reasonably supple tire. Latex tubes might not be a bad thing to try, if you're not already using them.
What pressures are you running and what's your bike+rider weight? If you're not currently getting pinch flats, it might not hurt to try lowering the PSI.

The Puget Sound islands do seem love laying down chunky chipseal.

For gearing range, if your derailleur has inadequate cog capacity or wrap, a simple solution might be to throw a Shimano 9-speed MTB derailleur on the bike: they have the same actuation ratio as pre-2015 Shimano 10-speed road derailleurs. Something like an Alivio RD-T4000 would probably work fine with your shifters and a Shimano 10-speed cassette.
That said, max cog capacity for rear derailleurs is often a fuzzy metric, and the reality depends somewhat on the derailleur hanger geometry for the particular bike. So Shimano tends to err low on their estimates for max cog. A 50-34 combined with an 11-28 cassette is going beyond the reasonable chain wrap of an RD-6600, though.

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