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Originally Posted by easyupbug View Post
That said the question of how it happened may be material in that the pics look like a scratches, however, if it was actually impacts the underlying fibers and matrix could be damaged.
Unfortunately I don't know the circumstances of the damage, the lad I bought the bike from had it given to him by a relative that was going to throw it out.

If you were my brother-in-law puttering around the neighborhood I would say ride on, if you were my nephews who think they will live forever and find ways to damage rims & tires and break things, no way. You are probably between those groups somewhere so I would be looking very closely and trying to get opinions to see if the damage is beyond the clear coat.
I generally stick to MUPs for cycling and they are fairly well maintained here so I would like to think I'm gentle on my equipment. When I do get it rideable I could leave it to trainer duty until I can get a replacement fork; as much as I'd rather not buy a new fork, my desire to not eat asphalt is stronger.

Final question: there's a steel LeMond fork on eBay right now for a good price but it is threaded so I would need a new headset and stem. I like the idea of getting a somewhat matching fork but am concerned the steerer isn't long enough. I've measured my headtube and it is ~4 9/16" and the steerer is ~5 1/4". It seems like a Tange Passage headset has the shortest stack height at 30mm and by my rough calculation that would leave it about 10mm short. I've heard you can have the headtube faced but I'm not sure 10mm would be possible. I've attached a photo of the head tube for reference; there is room to remove material but not sure it's enough.

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