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Originally Posted by Sir Lunch-a-lot
Okay, I have been wondering something: What kinds of food work best for extended riding? After roughly an hour, I figure that the bodys blood sugar level is getting pretty low (if I'm going at it real hard, then I can feel the results). So what kinds of food should I take? Would highly processed foods (ie, cookies, bread, McDonalds, etc) be a good idea to give a sudden burst of energy, or do you guys think that more fibrous foods/foods that take longer for the body to absorb would be a good idea (things like oatmeal, all-bran, apples, etc). I'm inclined to think the latter, simply because if such foods take longer to break down, then there is a steady release of sugar into the blood stream, and thus, a more steady supply of energy, whereas with processed foods, you get a sudden release, and then its gone. Or, could it be a combo of both (ie, a quick release followed by a slower, steady release)?

If I am correct, then what sort of foods do you guys think are best? Granola? Apples? Oat-meal? Any thoughts?

I am planning/hoping to eventually be doing 60km round trips on a regular basis, and if my first round trip (done in the fall) was any indication, I need to wisen up a bit on the nutritional factor of cycling. I think I've almost got it figured out, but want to make sure.

i think you are thinking about this in the wrong way. the foods you eat in preparation will start nearly two days prior. no one wants anything lingering around in their digestive tract when they're about to exercise hard...yuck. so of course those complex carbs you mentioned are wise. you cannot make up for what you ate in the past few days the morning before you exercise.

you need to google search carbohydrate loading.

once your intense exercise begins, and you know its going to be more than an hour, you should probably have a fast acting simple carb (like that gatorade goop stuff, or honey combined with an electrolyte replacement of some sort) every 20 to 30 minutes.

if you know the exercise bout will be under 60 minutes, water should suffice or an energy drink....i always like to dilute mine with water as well.

good luck!
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