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Ads navigating Edge browser away from BF

I'm one of not many people using the MS Edge browser, need to use it for various reasons.

Bike Forums has ads that basically hijack the Edge browser: seconds or minutes after the BF page has loaded, the browser navigates away to an advertiser. It goes through several intermediate pages before stopping at the advertiser, to make sure you can't use the "back" feature to go back to BF.

This has only started in the last few days. It happens often enough to make BF almost unusable with this browser. It has never happened on any other site I've ever visited. Also doesn't happen with Chrome mobile.

One of the pages that BF sends me to is https : // ?irgwc=1&clickid=WTw0GwQ4fxyJWbtwUx0Mo34VUkiz4WTP8Vvo3U0&adid=751897&IRID=2042132&source=ir
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