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Love bike color

Great red almost burgundy but not. I prefer it to the brighter racing red.

Originally Posted by lykbutta View Post
Whatís good everyone. My 2020 GIANT Contend AR1 came in today and I took it out for a spin. Wow. Loved it. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time riding a road bike and wearing clipless however I quickly picked it up.

Iím am loving the road bike scene and just a little scared of the speed as my trek Marlin was MUCH heavier and I felt that I had more stability. It will just take getting used to.

One question I had for the group, I started hitting 20 mile rides and Iíve been doing ok I guess, just hit 80 minutes for a 20 min stretch today. I want to start venturing to longer rides and wondered if yíall wear camelbaks by chance. I have my phone, multitool, spare inner tube (they came tubeless) and a few other things to carry, not to mention I could be carrying 80oz extra of water. My friend who road bikes at work says they are frowned upon since they have jerseys they pack them. For me, Iím 6í3 - 256 and not the slimmest (getting there) but these jerseys donít fit the best so I donít have pockets. What is everyoneís thoughts on it IF you run one and which one do you run. Iím looking to get one and thought Iíd come to the experts!

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