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Originally Posted by eeuuugh View Post
I don't think the spare parts you have were original the bike. The Suntour derailleur and shifters are a bit of an upgrade over the Shimano stuff that's on the bike. The Shimano branded downtube housing stop also makes me think the bike originally came with Shimano, that's a part that's unlikely to have been replaced. I'd guess most of those spare parts were taken off of a Fuji and maybe saved to upgrade the Tsunoda. Those Shimano stem shifters are pretty cool though.
Gotcha, so these Shimano parts would've been earlier than the Suntour in the box. The Shimano derailleur sure doesn't look too nice, and appears heavy, but I've read that Shimano didn't get great until later on and that Suntour was ahead of them for awhile.
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