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How to use bar end shifters?

i finally received my bike friday nwt!!!(2+ month delay-thank you covid)

she has bar end shifters (shimano sl-bs79) on soma oxford handlebars.... looks beautiful but not sure how to shift as i've only had 3 and 8 speed igh bicycles.

8 speed has a grip shifter with the gear number visible- 4 is neutral, twist lower for hills, higher for flats/downhill- super easy.

so far have only ridden around a few blocks as car drivers speed more than ever on the streets and thats the last place to be fumbling around figuring out bar end shifting.

i have the left hand bar end shifter down. the right one is harder- i take a peek to see where i am and then end up in the middle of the street. i've watched videos about derailleur shifting- to avoid cross threading/straining the gears and chain but they don't show it shifting while using the shifter. especially a bar end shifter

left shifter- medium and large ring.

right shifter- ???

is there an equivalent to gear 4 (neutral)?- i downshift at stoplights, medium front ring and on rear derailleur?

can the brand new chain and derailleur take abuse while i do all the wrong things as i learn? i feel so bad abusing my new shiny bike

i remember learning to drive a manual car- the grinding gear noise taught me real quick to shift properly.

tips on shifting with bar ends?
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