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Originally Posted by freckles View Post
i finally received my bike friday nwt...

she has bar end shifters (shimano sl-bs79) on soma oxford handlebars... on shifting with bar ends?
Nice. I have a very similar setup on one hybrid -- Nitto albatross swept bars with Shimano 8-speed bar-end shifters. And I have another set of Shimano 10-speed bar-end shifters from the aero bars on a TT/tri-bike, but those are going to go on another project.

I have fairly long hands and fingers so I use my pinkies and ring fingers for most shifting with bar-ends. I'll use the edge of my hand to push down, fingers to pull up. I can keep my hands on the handlebar while shifting, and even keep a finger on the brake lever if I need to slow or stop.

Shimano bar-end shifters often have a choice between indexed (click-stops) and friction shifting for the right side/rear derailleur. I've used both but generally prefer indexed. Left shifter/front derailleur is friction only.

The only trick is timing and easing off the pedal pressure while shifting. You don't need to actually stop pedaling, but shifting goes more smoothly when we ease off the downward pressure while still moving the pedals around. It's easiest to practice on a flat road, preferably without traffic so you won't worry about any extra pressure from impatient drivers.

The tricky bit is shifting smoothly during climbs. At first it's best to anticipate and shift a little early. If you wait until you're really bearing down on the pedals, it's gonna be much harder to shift crisply. We lose momentum quickly on a climb, so easing off the pedal pressure even for a moment causes us to slow down. If we're already toodling along at only 5 mph, it's gonna feel wobbly if we miss a shift or need to grind it into position. So while you're getting accustomed to it, shift early on climbs.

With practice it'll go smoothly and you'll find bar-end shifters very intuitive. They're really well suited to swept bars like your Soma Oxford and my Nitto albatross.
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