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do you already have a rack and panniers? Have you ever carried stuff on this bike. If its a mtb and a suspension fork, that complicates things for front panniers.
do you have a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag that doesnt weigh 10lbs?

all of this stuff will add up to a certain amount, but there are reasonable options out there price wise, and while not the lightest , will still be ok.

you'll have to start looking at adding up what you need and then you'll have a better idea of what outlay of cash will be required. There are very reasonably priced campmats and sleeping bags that will work, same with the tents--a big range of prices, but a comfortable camp mat is worth it, just from a sleep quality side of things, worth it even more depending on your age and body stuff, completely varies person to person. A summer sleeping bag wont be much, but checking out camp mats in person might be hard now due to stores not being open as before, so unless you have camping experience in tents on campmats that you can relate newer stuff to, it may be hard to know whats good for you.

and some people sleep fine on whatever, others not.
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