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Also from So Cal, Also After Quite the Hiatus from Cycling

Hello All,

I'm ready to dust off a 2004 Klein roadbike I have sitting in the basement collecting dust. Looks like I need to invest in a new helmet, new shoes, and I think, (unfortunately) a new pedal system as it appears my old round Candy petals are now obsolete, and I think I gave the shoes away a while ago. I've just turned 50, still pretty fit more or less. It looks like a lot has changed in the bike world in the decade I've skipped out on. In addition to my Klein, I also have the cutest peugeot mixte that I had restored a year ago, (also sadly collecting dust) and now I'm the proud owner of my father's old charcoal cannondale mtn bike from the 80s that was probably only ever ridden a handful of times, literally. Anyway, I might sell the Cannondale, just not sure yet. I'm in the LA area and I hope to find a tribe to start road cycling with, not ultra serious. Pics when I get around to it. I'm in LA county area, South Pasadena.
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