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Kinda falling in love with my $5 saddle (Spyder)

I've been seeing these things popping up on Facebook.

Did a search. Even went as far as to read some reviews of the original Spyder saddle, a Tioga with a different shape.

Depending on where you look, these are $2.50 to $20. Some claim stainless steel rails, others claim titanium. A magnet sticks to them is all I'm saying.

I got mine on eBay for around $3 and another $2 shipping charge. I had it in about 6 weeks. I weighed it (170g) and put it on my road bike. I went on a short ride and didn't like it, put my SLR back on.

Fast forward a few months and I've got this new to me mountain bike that I've been having fun with. I tried the seat again because everything on the bike was so heavy.

I'm impressed. It does the whole butt hammock thing really well. An actual noticeable difference for a hardtail. Like I really feel it softening the terrain. It's just flexible plastic, nothing more. It's just fine for my style of mountain biking (under 3 hours). I expect to kill it, but maybe that's the price influence. Nothing on it seems like it's any worse than most saddles.

Bike shorts are good. I don't ride without them. I don't think this would be a good option without shorts. I don't think any of my other $150+ seats would be either, to be fair.

If I went bike packing or made some attempts at 50-75 mile mountain bike rides, I'd probably switch to something else. Likewise if I was on a ride where a broken seat would leave me stranded. For the flowy short stuff 6 miles from my house, I dig it.

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