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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
The real deal with bike locks is, buy enough lock to feel secure.Probably 90 percent of the time even a cable is enough, unless you park at a busy rack on a college campus. The rest of the time nothing is enough. Use enough lock/chain/cable to let you have peace of mind while you are doing whatever, then come back and get your bike.

Except for very rare occurrences, if you have half a brain you know when and where you can lock your bike.

Flip side: One guy on this site had his bike stolen out of his apartment. Guy broke in and grabbed his ride, while he was home, as I recall.

So .... how big a lock do you use at home?
There were a few break-ins around here a while back where high-end bikes got stolen out of the cars of people who had packed up the night before a big event. I have to hope it was by people who were trolling the neighborhood waiting for such an opportunity, because the level of tracking to know that "Julie is going to an out of town Tri on the 16th, so she'll probably have her BMC in the back of the station wagon the night of the 15th..." is very worrying.

That said, I use a cable lock all the time because it's a small town, with not a lot of crime, I only park my bike in high-traffic locations, and my commuter bike is a 30-year old cannondale SS conversion that even a collector probably doesn't want.

I've had cable-locked bikes stolen in big towns, and I still have my u-lock for if I ever need to take my bike there again.

I have, in the past, locked my bike in a big city centre by looping one of the disused locks on the bike rack around my frame and wheel. And returned from the movie and dinner to find it still there.
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