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Originally Posted by thehammerdog View Post
1st question= budget
2nd. lusting...what u like.
3rd. fit, shop support,
4th pull the trigger.
whats the down a given price most things are the same....its like buying sneakers....go with ur gut jonny.
Budget up to 3K, but at that price it needs to check lots of boxes.
Lusting, I don't love the graphite, asphalt and black colors that seem pervasive.
I can read the specs and know if it will fit, so fit is easy. I rarely need a shop as I do my own wrenching. That opens up all the online bikes that can be shipped! I'd even build if I could get my gearing where I want it. 20 gear inches on the low end and pushing 100 on the high side. I started a thread in mechanics to see if anyone could help me there.

My biggest hang-up is that the low end gearing on most bikes is not where I want it to be. 30-36 is the lowest I can hope for and that's over 22 gear inches. I ride in Colorado every summer and have found that I like lower than that when I am tired on the steeper sections of long climbs. Few bikes even hit the 30-36 mark.

It looks like what I will have to settle for is the best compromise.
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