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Originally Posted by Rons View Post
I just finished reading the heart rate recovery thread. I don't use a heart rate monitor but have thought about getting one. I did take my blood pressure the other day after a 50 mile ride. It was down to 92/60. My normal is usually around 120/80. Does anyone else check their BP after longish rides? I guess dropping is better than going high.
I take my BP.
I ride my bike around 21 miles, yesterday my BP was 80/60.After taking my BP, my husband told me to I drink a lot of water,. its a sign of dehydration. Once I took a shower and drank 16 oz of water it went back up to 114/72.
I always have water, however I ran out yesterday. Ive been reading about this today. It can be a negative if you get lower than 90/60.
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