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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
I dont remember where i first read it, i think a article or a similar web mag. There are youtube examples of it working and posts like this -->
I did a little research on this. Here's the GRX long cage being used in a 2x11 set-up. The crank is a 48/31 and the cassette is 11-40. The cassette was swapped out with an 11-34 and the chain length left as it was. It worked fine. On a 46/30 with an 11-40 cassette and a properly sized chain, it shouldn't be an issue at all. I also learned that 11 speed road shifters will work with 11 speed GRX derailleurs.

I emailed Litespeed to see if they could do a partial build using what they had with me supplying what they don't have and finishing the build.

They would swap the shifters from the GRX Hydraulic to 105 Mech. GRX shifters cost about $50 more at the consumer level. The FD would have to be switched from a 2x10 to a 2x11. That should be a wash on the money. They would then leave off the crankset, cassette, RD and brake calipers. I'd supply those and compressionless brake housing and have what I want. I'd have to spend about $350 on the additional parts to complete the build.
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