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I don't have an answer but maybe some suggestions. I wonder about this myself, if only because I used to have the Univega version of this bike in the same exact electric blue color. I'd suggest trying some Testors 'blue' model paint in a tiny bottle first, because it's cheap and easy and you might luck out that it's a reasonably good match. My Rivendell is very conveniently exactly matched by Testors green. To really get it right, you'd probably need to know the pigment used. It's so saturated I'm pretty sure you won't replicate it by mixing. WAG is that is looks like (synthetic) ultramarine.

The super blue blue was the trend circa early 80s. Gios was the obvious inspiration, but Gios themselves weren't constant. Some look like a lighter cobalt blue, and some look like a very pure saturated blue like the Miyata. From the screen that fingernail polish color doesn't look quite right to me. A little too pastel and a bit on the green side. Like the earlier Gios blue. Maybe though. It really isn't possible to match colors except in person and preferably outdoors in sunlight.
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