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Originally Posted by cpach View Post

Do every stop, beginning to end.

If your adjustment of the limits can be plausibly described as "messing around", then you really should just try again.
messing around in the sense that i'm a complete noob but following the Park Tools video.

to me, it appears the cage is angled correctly and at the right height (do my photos shed any light on this?).

i am thinking it MUST be the limits. the limit screw closest to the frame seems to be quite loose in that it appears less "screwed in" than the other. if i am understanding the Sora instruction manual correctly, the screw closest to the frame is the L and the screw closest to the crank is the H: https://si.shimano.com/pdfs/dm/DM-RBFD001-01-ENG.pdf

i turned both of these a bit. maybe 1 or 1.5 full rotations. strangely it certainly looks like the space between the the chain and the cage is more than 1mm even after a rotation. is it possible a few more rotations are needed?

ultimately, at this point, the chain still falls off towards the crank/pedal side and i'm still having occasional difficulty shifting from the large to small chainring.
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