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Would a Comfort bike be right for me?

Howdy folks. New guy here and Iíve got some questions about ďComfort HybridĒ bikes.

I currently own a 1999 Specialized Crossroads. Itís a completely different design than the current Crossroads models. In my opinion, it has the ďFitnessĒ geometry. I absolutely adore the bike except for one thing. Iím getting older and just this year Iíve noticed that my shoulders get a little sore when riding. Nothing serious. More like a discomfort than a pain. That never bothered me before so I assume Iím just now starting to feel the effects of the forward leaning riding position due to my age. Iím 59.

Iím considering a Comfort Hybrid bike and Iím not sure if that would be good for me or not. I know I would like the upright riding position but I donít know if I would like it for very long. Iíve read many comments that Comfort bikes are only comfortable for short rides. Trouble is, I donít know what is meant by ďshortĒ.

Hereís a little info and some questions below.

A: I seldom ride any farther than 10 miles. Sometimes I only ride 5 miles but 10 miles is right in my comfort zone.

B: I pedal along at a casual pace. On every ride this year (about 7 rides) my average speed has been between 9-10 mph.

C: I love my Specialized Crossroads. The forward leaning position is the only thing I donít like about it. Everything else is perfect.

D: I ride primarily for low impact exercise. Iím not looking for a vigorous workout.

E: I do not want the maintenance requirements of a suspension fork.


1. Would a comfort bike be a good choice for me considering my favorite distance to ride is 10 miles?

2. Since I like my Crossroads so much, should I just tough it out unless the discomfort turns to pain?

3. If I do get a Comfort bike will it be harder to climb hills?
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