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Thank you all for the advice. I'm looking into raising the handlebars and shortening the reach on my current bike but I'm finding it difficult to know what will work for me once installed. I can't post any pictures of my bike until I get 10 posts but I will certainly do that when I'm allowed to.

Best I can tell is that I need to raise the grips about 3 inches and shorten the reach about 4 inches but I won't know if that will help until I try it. I've already got my stem adjusted about 1/4 inch lower that the maximum height allowed. It's still too low so I would definitely need a different stem and some different bars.

All of the bike shops here in town are open for business so I'll take my bike into one of them next weekend for some advice on what to buy. My working hours don't allow me to make it there during the week before they close. I've also been looking at the Jamis Citizen. We have a Jamis dealer in town so maybe that's the dealer that I'll go to. I can check out a Citizen while I'm there if he has one in stock. Maybe I can look at some other brands too while I'm there. I've owned my Crossroads for 21 years and it would be hard to part with. It's like an old friend. With that in mind, my primary goal is to modify it to fit my needs better.
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