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Really great work on that FD How do you like the 48/28? I'm running a 46/30 with a 10 speed 12-28 cassette and every once in a while I want something a bit lower. I'm a bit hamstrung by using a short cage DA derailleur so I cant go with too wide of a chainring gap, but it could probably handle an additional 2-4 tooth gap in the chainrings if I don't ever cross chain little-little.

Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
all my other bikes that don't have Le Cyclo mechs.
Humblebrag, much?

Also the bike weighs a little too much. Probably 29 - 29.5 lbs. I may build some lighter wheels, and pretty much any saddle would be lighter. I can probably lose 2-3lbs that way, which might make it feel a bit more lively. Other than that, unfortunately there's not much weight to cut.
I'm in the same boat with my 716, but I think mine is a couple of pounds heavier if my analog fish scale is to be believed. The current wheelset has got to be pretty portly since it's built with 36° Velocity Synergy and Atlas rims but I've got a set of A23 rims waiting in the wings to hopefully build something lighter. Those are 36° as well, so not a whole lot of weight to be lost there.

The rest of the extra weight is mostly from the saddle and handlebar bag, and I'm looking in to some synthetic saddles for weatherproofness, lighter weight, and hopefully something a big stickier than a smooth leather saddle. I think that I want a little bit of grip so that I don't slide around so much. Looking at the Fabric line of saddles currently, I could save almost a whole pound just by switching that out!

I'm also always going back and forth on what front bag to use, I've got an Acorn Tall Rando that I love the aesthetic and size of, but my Swift Ozette is a bit lighter and has better organization options with it's internal pockets and elastic banding. The flip side is that the Ozette closure mechanism is much fussier to use, especially with gloves, and definitely when riding!
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