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Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
I've been happy with the big jump. Like I said, it's an instant MTB when I pull the lever, which is pretty neat. Lately my preferred triples are 24-36-48, biopace. So far, I'm not missing the middle ring, but that may change if I put a front lowrider on it and take it touring. I ride with a more variable cadence than a lot of folks, because of my joint hypermobility issues that plague my back and knees, so that might have something to do with it.
I do think about making this a triple, but in my (albeit limited) experience with triples I usually just use the middle and granny ring, any situation that warrants changing in to the biggest ring I'm usually just freewheeling I do understand why tourists like their triples though, the big jump from 46 to 30 can disrupt your cadence quite a bit. If I rode more gravel I would definitely consider changing out at least the small ring to a 28 or 26.

I have done a quick analysis of weights in the wheels and I was not surprised to learn that the spoke count is the smallest factor at play, at least for me. Here's the breakdown.
Thanks for that! As the summer months arrive and the daylight length gets longer my desire to have a dynamo gets less and less persistent. I will likely end up building the A23s with either a set of Tiagra or 105 road hubs.

Since, like you said, spoke weight is really not a huge percentage I'll likely go with what I know and use DT Competition 2.0-1.8-2.0, it helps that I think that I have those spokes in stock at my house I did a little bit of calculating and using published weights I should end up with an ~1850g wheelset using RS400 hubs and DT Comp spokes. Not too bad and they should be rock solid. Probably only a couple hundred grams less than what I've got now, but grams are grams! And you know what they say about rotating weight vs static...

Yeah I agree on both fronts. This Brooks is the same model as the one I toured on for collectively 400 days. I've had that since I was 14. I don't slide around so much anymore! But the new one, man, I'm all over it.
I think I've got less than 2000 miles on the VO saddle that's on their now, so by all means its fairly broken in and quite comfortable. I just keep sliding forwards on it, and if I stick the nose up high enough that I don't slide then the drops aren't quite as comfy as they should be. Plus, I know it's a boat anchor so it's an easy target It's comfy, but not comfy enough to keep it off of the chopping block.

OH you weighed your bike with the bag? That probably accounts for yours being heavier than mine!
I'm fond of my Berthoud GB28 bag, but I may add a shoulder strap. Got to get out a leather punch or sewing awl to do that, and I'm not looking forward to it!
Well yeah! As a card-carrying BQ weenie that's what you're supposed to do, right?

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