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Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
I so wish we had more gravel options here in the Boston area. I need to bring it up to Vermont to actually put it through some paces now, on steeper terrain.
We don't have much until you get out West, but then it not only turns into gravel but it also gets really steep, too

Hah what gave it away? The obnoxious brake cables out the tops of the levers, the obnoxious front derailleur, or the obnoxious tone of my posts?
It's true, for years I wanted to be like Jan. But I'm in the process of getting it out of my system. I think he should open up the René Herse archives, so we can all have access to the richness of this history and whatever designs and photographs exist. And stop reviewing e-bikes and disc brakes. I guess I liked it better when BQ was for underdogs, not top dogs.
Well, I was referring to myself as the BQ weenie, but if you feel like you identify as one as well I've got no problem with that

I'm still enjoying the super low trail flexy frame life, but I do keep thinking about maybe having the stock 716 fork re-raked up to 55mm from 45mm to see how it behaves. Currently it's got a VO Polyvalent fork with a whopping 63mm of offset which feels like a bit much sometimes. I know I didn't like the handling with the stock fork and a bag, but maybe a little tweak to the stock one would be a nice balance.

Edit 2: My stiffener weighs 225g. Not great, not terrible. Still the difference between a Brooks and something lighter. I'll give it a try without the stiffener maybe
I recently took out the stiffener in my Acorn bag and replaced it with one fashioned very similarly to the tutorial on the Norther Cycles site. I made mine out of 1/8 x 1" aluminum instead of what looks like 1/16 on the Norther blog since that's what Home Depot had, but my initial impressions are really good. The top doesn't cave in at all anymore and it just does not move on the bike. Dead silent, too.

One of the metal suppliers I use for work lists a 1/8" x 1" bar at 68g/12" and I used probably 24" for the stiffener, so that should be around 150g if I'm being conservative. I can't imagine the four bolts, washers, and nuts to have added all that much weight so that may be an option to cut some weight as well. I'll try to remember to weigh the stock Acorn stiffener when I get home today, and maybe the new stiffener, too if I feel like taking it all apart again
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