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With regards to derailleur slide tubing, you should be able to source 10mm square tubing in 1.5mm wall. I saw sources in Google. 7mm square tubing is probably the more difficult. Stainless or brass square stock is not a problem.


[QUOTE=scarlson;21515702]You guess right! The push rod was probably the hardest part. I did it with the mill, because it was solid stainless steel. It was difficult even to fixture up, with tons of V-blocks and things. Truth be told, I broke some tooling doing it. Finished it with a lot of hand filing. Huge pain! But Herse used hollow tubing for this. The problem with me doing that is, I can't find any in conveniently telescoping sizes. The original Herse tubing brazed to the frame was 10x10mm outside and 7x7mm inside (1.5mm wall). The tubing for the push rod was 7x7 outside with a 1mm wall. He just used a file to break through a corner and left it at that. Easy peasy, if you can find the right tubing. Closest I've come is 10x10x1mm wall and an 8mm solid square bar. But that's still going to be a pain to open up and slot.]
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