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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Arrest him on a friday, he has to stay there til Monday. Have him pay retribution financially thru court costs and socially thru community service and court ordered classes.
Assuming he is white collar, a conviction will follow him and from here on out he will have a very different life due to the conviction and notoriety.

I would assume anyone that age knows its wrong to take papers away from a girl by placing a hand on the child's arm. Clearly the guy was emotional and while that does not excuse the actions, many in this world never learned to control their emotions and **** like this happens. Thankfully it was just placing a hand on her arm and trying to take away some papers. That, to me, doesnt warrant prison. It is deserving of jail after arrest and paying back to the community thru work and classes.

I just happened to read what the fliers said. If the theory that he is a cop is correct, I could see the wording on those fliers being something that could make him emotional.

It was NOT, " was just placing a hand on her arm...". He did a LOT more than just place a hand on the little girl's arm. Near the beginning of the video You can see that he grabbed her arm and at one point had two hands on her whilst AGGRESSIVELY trying to take the flyers from her. This was not a benign touch as seems to be indicated in your comment.

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