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Originally Posted by Biker395 View Post
To say that 90% of the patients treated with HCL recover successfully sounds odd to me. Isn't the recovery rate nearly that high anyway?
Way higher, unless you're over 60

It's hard to find data on this topic without it becoming infected with politics. Is there a good source for summaries of these clinical trials/studies as they results come in?
I was listening to Glenn Loury's podcast, and he was talking about how, because the American media is so polarized around Trump (Fox instantly hails everything he says as gospel, and the mainstream media kneejerk-slams everything he says as stupid (it's an understandable case of profiling, they're right at least 99% of the time)), in order to find more meaningful information about topics like HCL he turns to european media sources. I always get a good impression from the BBC and the Guardian, I don't know to what degree the comparable brexit polarization might cause the same effect in the english media though.
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