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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
The irony that you end this critical post with 'cheers' is just fantastic to me. Thank you for the chuckle at the end.
The problem is expectation bias always influences what we see. No one is immune from this. At one point, I even thought to myself "that isn't a young child" but then I dismissed it, because all the reports said it was a child. Some were even more specific, saying it was an 11 year old. We tend to see what we are told to see.

Similarly, how much aggression etc. was present is a matter of interpretation. Clearly it looked more aggressive to me than it did to you. But maybe you were right and I was wrong. We both looked at the same video and saw different things. (It is still an assault if he touches her without her consent, but it is less problematic if it isn't a child.)

When people see me with my bike stuff on, it isn't uncommon for people to say I look like Robocop. Probably most people with a bike helmet and mirrored glasses or lenses (like I have) look like our stereotype of a motorcycle cop. It didn't help on the other thread where I mentioned that someone in the comments section below the posted video had posted a snarky comment to the effect that Vegas is giving 200/1 odds it is a cop. Rumors propagate, and maybe a snarky comment I laughed at morphed into a rumor?
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