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Originally Posted by Ross520 View Post
Why do you keep attempting to minimalize what happened?​​​​​
I dont think I have been minimizing what happened. I do think I have been less enthusiastic to go overboard with charges than many here, and i have explained why- prison is all too often a default go to response.
I have continually stated the man acted inappropriately and have continually opined that if guilty, his punishment should be a mix of financial compensation, social service, and classwork. To me, that is significant and ongoing. When tarnished reputation is also taken into account, it seems like an appropriate punishment for grabbing someone's arm and taking fliers and then charging at someone else with a bike.

Originally Posted by Ross520 View Post
First you refuse to concede that she was grabbed, then, after other members unequivocally proved to you that she was, in fact, assaulted, you continue to be an advocate for that perpetrator of said assault.​​​​​
I do not advocate for the person. Again, I have continually stated what he did was wrong.
In this thread, at first I said I couldn't see that his hand was on the woman's arm. Then once a different link was posted, I said I could see his hand on her arm. I think I even mentioned that the first video I saw wasn't as clear.
Seriously get over it- I agreed he didn't just grab the papers.
You have an odd view of advocacy since thru this thread, I have maintained that if the guy grabbed her arm and if the guy ran the cameraman over, he should be punished.

Originally Posted by Ross520 View Post
Your use of phrases such as "placing a hand" when it's CLEAR AS DAY that she was violently grabbed, and her friend shoved to the ground, is rather sickening.
When I grab someone's arm, I do so by placing my hand on their arm.
As for the friend being shoved to the ground, I dont doubt it happened, but I haven't seen video of it happening and this entire discussion has been over video of the incident. What I've seen is the dbag charging at the cameraman and then the camera being on the ground. If the cyclist shoved the guy to the ground, thats wrong. If the cyclist rammed his bike into the cameraman, that's wrong. If the cameraman was getting out of the way and tripped, that sucks and was due to the cyclist raging, but perhaps it is legally different than being physically pushed or tackled.
This was my point earlier- that we don't know and I think it is dangerous to message board convict people based on assumptions when it comes to serious issues like this.
Again, what I was commenting on was video only and thst video didn't show much in this instance.

Originally Posted by Ross520 View Post
My God, man, we're talking about an individual who had no qualms about attacking a little girl and others, in broad daylight, ON CAMERA. I can absolutely guarantee that this wasn't his first time putting his hands on someone vulnerable. You don't just wake up one day and do that sort of thing, this guy is your typical scumbag, rage-o-holic abuser, and should be treated accordingly.
Perhaps he has done this before, I have no idea. If he has done this before and its known, then I hope his punishment is adjusted accordingly.
You sure seem to know for sure he has, but I am not comfortable making such an assumption and then forming my opinion based on that assumption.

You may find my responses lacking. If so, that is unfortunate, but not surprising. I simply do not tend to turn to prison as a default answer for things like what I saw in the video. Arrested jail time, financial compensation, community service, and social classes are what I would like to see instead.
If you feel like that is me advocating for the guy, I suggest you look up what that word means.

Edited to add- the was fired from his VP position too, which is quite understandable.

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