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Originally Posted by jlaw View Post
Not well. I thought I had him nailed, but unless I missed it the Washington Post article I read today did not mention a current or former profession. I am assuming that if he has a police connection they would have mentioned it. So, I guess he's just your average angry white guy who's been taught that he is the real victim in this world.

I do feel that my observations were fairly objective even if my conclusion was not correct. I respect the police and the difficult and dangerous job that they do on behalf of all of us. But, being a police officer is also a priveledge and the outrageous and unacceptable statements that some police unions make on behalf of their members make many realize they need to be reminded that they work for us, not the other way around.

Sure, I have my biases just like anybody, but I really don't think I am biased in the way that you are assuming. I'm just making an 'educated guess' in a respectable manner given the evidence available.

Are you being biased against me?
The poster above you understood what I was saying in the few simple words.

There's a subjective line between a bias against one group as a whole and a bias held against other groups as a whole. The line isn't clear. If a line exists at all, it's a social construct based on individual values. If we asked a room full of people which biases are okay, we'd have wide ranging responses. While it's not possible to remove all bias, my belief is that we are better off not giving into to any bias. We should deny ourselves permission to hold any. As a cyclist, I find some of the biases people hold against cyclists in general to be unfair and in some cases potentially dangerous.
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