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Originally Posted by The Golden Boy View Post
The Velocity Atlas looks like it’s made in 40.

They’re beefy- I’ve got a 36 hole set...

Do a bit of looking/reading- it seems to me I’ve read that with modern butted spokes and modern rims and whatever else has come up in the past 30+ years- you may not need a 40 spoke wheel if a modern 36 spoke wheel is as strong or stronger.

FWIW- I said I didn’t care about wheel weight when I had the Atlas wheels built; at the time I was running a set of Super Champion Modele 58 40 spoke front and rear... then I got the Atlas wheels... I appreciate lighter wheels now.
GB -

I couldn’t agree more. I was just hoping to use the existing 40h SunTour hub because it’s really nice quality, and I’m notoriously cheap.

Years ago when I was building my Heron loaded tourer, the guy who built my wheels said exactly what you did regarding modern rims, spokes, and spoke count. I trust him implicitly, and he talked me into 36 front and rear. (I gave him the 40h CR18 rim I had planned to use as partial payment for the labor, dang it!)

After thousands and thousands of miles, sometimes loaded with 40+ pounds of gear, they’ve never given me a minute of trouble. Some of that might be due to using a 135mm Phil hub and a six-speed freewheel, resulting in a rear wheel with almost no dish.
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