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Originally Posted by AndrewJB View Post
You don't mention if the punctures are on the inside, outside, or side of the tube...but make sure your rim tape/strip hasn't shifted exposing one of the spoke holes. This would be characteristic of punctures on the inside (spoke side) of the tube.
Ha! Yes, all of the above. First, outsde the tube opposite the valve stem. Looked like a pinch, I took blame for that one when I mounted the tires. The others were 2 in the side wall region (mysteries) and one outside. On the last one, found a tiny goat head that I removed with a finger nail. I'm not sure if it contributed. For the life of me, I had a hard time finding where it might have penetrated the tire tread. All the tube punctures except the first one looked like straight on punctures. The first one looked like a pinch.
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