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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
Of course covid kills more people with risk factors for dying of covid. All diseases work like that.
Of course the principle is obvious, but I hadn't seen any graphs that demonstrated how radical the difference is in this case.

All of those fatality rates are likely overestimates because of the denominator problem, but I would bet the denominator problem is least significant for the oldest age groups, which will make the differences even more stark.

By which I mean, the younger somebody is, the more likelihood somebody can get the infection, and never know it -- or suspect it, but ride it out alone ok and it never gets tested so it never gets included in an official count of cases. Who knows, maybe the full-population number for 35-49 is really 0.3% instead of 0.6%. Or maybe it's 0.4% or 0.5%. I don't know if anybody has the data to say confidently. But I bet there are way fewer 80+ cases slipping under the radar, and the true fatality number for that oldest bracket is probably north of 20%.
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