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Originally Posted by detroitjim View Post
Looking for anyone with first hand experience riding Detroit to Toledo.

What route did you take? What was traffic like?
Did you find your route?
I've biked to Toledo a couple of times, but slightly further to the west from the Plymouth area. Mostly on the dirt roads to keep out of traffic (but not good if you've got rain....).
I've also biked to the Sterling State Rec area for a a bike/camping trip, then headed back into Ypsi area.
There's a couple of spots to see along the way: Crosswinds Marsh is a nice hiking stop. Pointe Mouillee State game area is a nice "gravel path" ride outside of hunting season.
- the gravel can get a little deep in a few spots, and turn into baby-heads along some Lake Erie sections - so when I say "gravel", I mean rocks that are about less than 2 inches in diameter. I do NOT mean "smooth brown pavement" like lots of people mean when the use the word "gravel" (man a-live i hate the phrase "gravel grinder" -- a "gravel grinder" is not a bike or a bike ride - it's a machine that takes boulders and makes them rocks less than 2.5 inches in diameter {end mini-rant} )

There's also several small bake shops and a dairy you could work in.
Let me know if you're still working on a route (3 months later.....). (shrug)

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