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As the weather warmed up I started to place less miles on the Kickr Bike. That is beginning to turn the around as we are going through some 100F+ (38C+) days.
The heat is forcing me back indoors. It is a nice option to have during the week, when I can't ride in the early mornings.

Bike shop has reopened for bike fit sessions and its time for my tune-up!
Second visit a lot less apprehensive than the first. This time all of the fitting was performed with me on my bike attached to a trainer.
Upper body flexibility has improved.
Previous knee pain, still completely cured (1300 miles this year).
No further complaints from me in the comfort dept. Even with my fully carbon, no padding, saddle. Though its appearance did raise eyebrows in the store.... "You like that" "NO padding". I assured, "I have padding"... "as well as the padded shorts".
The Arione I was using caused me to suffer sore spots, just where you don't want sore spots. Its not that the Arione was bad, just bad for me. I went to a fully Carbon saddle, just to try a saddle with a hole in the middle on the cheap.
WOW I like it so much, I've been riding it for ~4 - 500 miles. I just purchased a second one to install on the Kickr. Not at all bad for $29 shipped!
Bike fit concentrated on balance between the legs. Left leg needed a 1/8" shim between the shoe sole and cleat.
Much info and pointers received. I still need to improve core flexibility and strength.
Duration of fit was half of the original in January and so was the cost.
My weight has remained the same since January, roughly 200 lbs. But it has been moving around and towards my legs as muscle.

Strava is able to estimate FTP from your ride history. For the first 3 months of the year I saw 10W increases per month. But that all came to a halt in April/May with NO increase.
I'm going to have to change something in order to continue getting stronger!!!!! More miles would help, but I think structure might help more.


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