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FulGaz 12 Week FTP Program (Beginners)

With my Strava estimated FTP being static for the last two months it is time to make a change.
I've decided that simply adding miles to my week might not be the most productive solution.
There must be a reason that structured workouts are available from multiple sources...... really!

My software of choice, FulGaz, has a 12 week FTP program for Beginners.
OK I'm in... I did the first day today. The Kinglake FTP Test.
This is to set a baseline for the rest of the program.
It is a warm up period, followed by a 20min go as hard as you can up a %5 average hill test.
I've never had to pace myself this way and found pacing kinda tough.
Pedaling was also tough. But that would be the point.

With practice in pacing, I could likely better that by a few watts. But it is pretty close to the number Strava estimated at 135W.

Now to see if I can stick to the Kickr and the FulGaz program for a whole 3 months.

All the best


I post the picture not because I'm proud of my 140W, but for future reference.
Note: Strava reports the measured climb as 137w and not the FulGaz reported 140W. Thanks Strava, and why do I pay you 8-)

Training (or not) Log
(TLDR Version, Started out with 20min FTP test to set my level in the Software. Intervals appear to be achievable and yet still taxing.)

WEEK 2 (TLDR Version, Intervals have become extremely tough to complete. A Software bug forcing me to use ERG mode is making it worse. I got irked and frustrated. I'm worried I can't do this program.)

WEEK 3 (TLDR Version, Intervals getting easier, prior 168W was really tough on me. Found I like mornings better. I tested my new legs and hit a PB. I'm encouraged by the results.)

WEEK 4 (TLDR Worked hard, did what I was told and went from 140W to 144W in a month of intervals.... so why bother!)

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