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Originally Posted by BlazingPedals View Post
I would definitely try to space the idler out from the frame at least 5mm or so, so the chain doesn't ride against the side of the idler. That's just a setup adjustment. If your tire rubbed against the chain stay, you'd fix it, right??? If the power side of the chain is hitting the chain keeper, you can use a short (6-8") length of chain tube. Attach it so it floats up and down on the bracket for the return idler. Maybe I should ask, what size chainrings are you running?

Thanks, chainrings are whatever comes stock with the bike, I've never used chain tube, and am not familiar with the installation of it. I'll try spacing that idler, I'll need to get another hex bolt, they did not leave much room on the original. Thanks for the tips, it's making the 3 mile rides I use it for, and not stranding me, so if nothing falls off or breaks I'm good with it. I had to go back to work and am much lazier afterwards, for longer rides now days, I go for the e-bike.
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