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OK, don't know if anyone is still following this thread. I am updating just for my own record of events.
Started a thread on the FD issue on the Mechanics Forum here.

Looks like I bought a FD for a triple crank. It does not help me understand why the pivot distance is greater. Well maybe it does.
Since the distince of travel is greater for a triple, the pivots are extended to increase the range. When placed on a frame with a double crank, the position of the outer ring is equivalent to the middle ring on a triple. If the 53t was in a position from the center line of the frame equivalent to a triple, the cage would clear.

Why? because the cage moves in a vector that is not 90* from the hanger slot , but less than 90* so the cage is closer to the rings as it extends from the inner to the outer ring. Looking from the front, it moves to the west-north-west from the small ring.
I will have to find a braze on for a double in my stash. Might be a Superbe Pro until I find a reasonable priced Record 10V RD.

BTW. the Chorus RD on the Pinarello measures 18mm between the pivots. The FD in question has a distance of 23mm.

Just read on Sheldon that if an interference occurs with a large chain ring, grind off the bottom of the cage to clear as needed. Do I want to do that? Should I just sell what I have and get what I need?
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