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Originally Posted by hannhann00 View Post
1 - in terms of sprint, keirin and such wheel to wheel type racing, are the frames/ bikes the same as those used in the pursuit, team tt/ races, etc - with the only difference being the dropbars (sprint, etc) vs the aero bars (pursuit, etc)? Meaning ppl use the same bike for diff events and just fit it out differently?

2 - What is considered the 'grand event' of track racing - is it the spring race? This is very subjective, but for example to me in the Olympics the 100m is the headline track event, is there a widely considered headline event for track racing?

3 - I'm a fan of de rosa and currently ride one of their road bikes, however they don't list any of their track bikes available on their website (also noticed this for other manufacturers) - does anyone know if the De Rosa track bike is available for sale to the public?

4 - is there a lot of cross over between road and track cyclists or are most track cyclists exclusively "track-focused"?
Hi hannhann00,
1. LOOK, probably manufacturer of the referent track frames, offer T20 Speed Version with sprint/keirin bars; T20 TT Version ie the same frame with pursuit bars for 1 km and pursuit; and 875 Madison for other endurance events.

2. Yes, maybe it is subjective. Some people are very excited by Bradley Wiggins. As for 100m in athletics, this likely resembles keirin rather than match sprint. Eight athletes challenge each other. In 1990s, UCI Keirin events were arranged with eight cyclists too.

3. De Rosa have TRACK1 and TRACK2, both UCI approved late 2019: https://www.uci.org/docs/default-sou...-and-forks.pdf . However, these may be already commercially available or may not.

4. Enough medalists of track endurance events are known as road racers too, for instance Bradley Wiggins, Sebastián Mora, Andy Tennant, Ignacio Prado, Claudio Imhof.
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