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Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
I have no opinion on the best crank for you. We are all very different, both on our body's dimensions and what works best for our musculature. But I see two red flags in your posts. Raise the seat 1/2 a cm? That 's huge! Have you been riding a too low seat this whole time? For me, 2mm is noticeable, 3mm (1/8") is real. Different people advocate different levels of seat height change for differing crank lengths, from non to 1/2 the crank length difference and a few, the whole crank length difference. I've never seen twice the difference.

Also, you seem to be OK on 175s. 170s feel really bad. So half way between OK and really bad is going to be better? Now I am like you are currently. I rode 170s never thinking about it until my first true race bike came with 175s. For me that was huge! Now I hate 170s and 172.5s feel short. But I am longer limbed than you. Was 6'1/2" until I started shrinking with long limbs. I ride a 59. It may be that you have "trained" yourself to be comfortable on a longer than optimum cranks and now find, because of that training, that shorter cranks feel "wrong".

Ben -

Thanks for the feedback. In the original post you quoted, I meant sliding the seat forward (up towards the bars not up in the air). Reading back I can certainly see how that can be misinterpreted.

The ride I went on was a 6500' climb up to Mt. Saint Helen's. In this climb there is a 15 mile pull that is no less than 6%? Often I saw 8%. While I live in a hilly area I dont have any long climbs like that to train on unless I get on the turbo with Rouvy or something like that.

So my thinking was to close the distance from the seat to the bottom bracket thus getting more of my weight over the pedals for the long slog. Then by dropping to 172 5s on the cranks it would be easier to spin and keep my cadence up while doing that climb and at the same time slightly decreasing the pedal stroke to make up for some of the slide forward over the bottom bracket.

I did slide my seat forward the 1/2 cm. It did help with pushing down on the pedals and I felt that it did take away a bit from the pull at the bottom of my pedal stroke. It also made good use of my satorius muscles and they were pretty mad at me by the end of the day.

I did not get a chance to swap out the cranks for this ride although in hindsight I wish I had because I struggled to keep a cadence above 65 rpm on some of the hardest parts of the climb and I feel that would have helped.

The thing that would have helped most overall would have been properly training for the ride. Because of my work schedule leading up to it I wasnt able to ride for almost 10 days in a row and when I finally did get back on the bike, it was crammed into a short amount of time and not enough of it pulling 220 watts for 15 miles.

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