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Best Bike Racks for Schwinn Largo 7?

Hi! My friend recently bought a new cruiser, and it is currently her only bike. Itís a Schwinn Largo 7 26Ē Womenís beach cruiser. She loves it but it is BIG and weighs 42 lbs. I have a much smaller bike with a smaller frame that I donít know much about. We want to be able to easily load and unload the two bikes on a secure bike rack on her 2019 Toyota Rad4. We can fit them both in the back with the seats down; but itís very difficult and pretty much impossible to carry anything else.
Iím he weight capacity on most over the top rear bike racks is 35 lbs per bike and we are worried because itís over the weigh capacity it will fly off and cause an accident. Are there any racks of this type with a higher weigh capacity?
are there special racks for these types of bikes?

right now we are looking into hitch racks for the 2019 Rad4, but it currently doesnít have a hitch, so we are trying to find the best hitch to buy and install onto the vehicle and then the best rack to install onto that. It would be 600+ for installation and the part alone through the dealer so we are looking at cheaper options through etrailer etc.

any advice? Neither of us have any experience with bike racks and my father who is a bike person is very against the bike as a whole because itís so heavy and has no experience with this type of bike.
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