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Originally Posted by Andy_K View Post
Here's an example: Odd-Size, Vintage Cinelli Bars?

And there's an interesting note here: Velo-Retro: Cinelli Timeline

"Every Cinelli stem had a 26.4mm clamp all the way until the 1990s, with a freakish 26.0 exception from the '60s."

So if they made some 26.0 stems, it seems reasonable to think they also made some 26.0 handlebars?
OK, that's really weird. The micrometer doesn't lie though. If it says 25.97, obviously you'll be fine. I guess in a way that's pretty lucky, since you have many more options.

I've seen a whole lot of Cinelli bars and stems, and I've never seen one that wasn't 26.4, at least not till after the switch in the 90s. IMO saying they made some would be a gross exaggeration. Really rare IME. I can't really explain your bar. My first inclination is that it's a later bar with a retro logo. Another possibilities is that it was something that they did for only a couple years in the early 60s or something, when transitioning from steel bars. The Cinelli steel bars were 25.4, btw. Lastly, maybe a big manufacturer had enough pull to convince them to make some OEM models 26.0, so they could switch between 3TTT and Cinelli and ITM or whoever else. Cuz money talks... But really, I don't know. Interesting mystery.
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