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Water refill in the time of COVID?

What are people doing for water / fluid refills on rides that go beyond what you can carry?

Seems like most outdoor water fountains are not being turned on this season - understandable that those concern people, though if out in the sun and not a grime-collecting design (especially if a bottle filler rather than a drinking fountain) I'm not sure they'd be much of a risk. But it's hard to argue with city hall in a place you are only passing through.

My solution in the past in areas where there were no reliable fountains was to go into a grocery or convenience store and buy a large jug of water to refill everything, or if in more of a hurry a water bottle and a bottle of gatorade. Felt wasteful but worked, and at an actual grocery store not very expensive.

Only now going into a store means putting on a mask. And since stopping moving tends to mean all the sweat comes pouring out, and there's not really anything you can do during a ride with a sweat sodden mask that leaves it sanitary for re-use that day, that seems to point to needing to bring a fresh mask for each planned or contingent refill stop. With ones I can wash at home and re-use another day that's not intolerable... but still. (I've kept the same mask on for up to 30 miles in moderate temperatures but that doesn't work so well when sweating buckets and needing to drink frequently)

Any other ideas? Drive through windows at fast food places?
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