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I do the same things I always have. Convenience stores still allow me to refill water bottles from their fountains or they have working water coolers near the head. Buying a cold power aide is always a refreshing option anyway. Fortunately masks are not required where I ride so I don't bother with them.

Did have a dilemma on a local bike trail Someone put out a cooler of ice with bottled water. Another rider and I were trying to determine the etiquette of how best to access the cooler, he wanted a bottle and I just wanted some ice. I have little patience with the covid overreaction but I do try and respect other people sense of manners, even if I personally feels it borders on a phobia. The person who provided the cooler also left a large bottle of hand sanitizer, so the other rider and I decided sanitizer our hands, let them dry than dig in with bare hands.

Crazy times.
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